Training Phoenix Rising has Undertaken

Training Phoenix Rising has Undertaken

Safe guarding for Managers with Suffolk Social Services

Continuing Best practice with Realise Futures

First Aid with Red Cross

Mentoring with The Respect Programme

Continuous Professional Development on Sexual Awareness with Terrance Higgins Trust

Silver and Bronze Art Award with Trinity Collage

Education For Choice Training

Eastern Educators Development Network

Conferences Attended

Spiral, supporting education in Suffolk

Disability Focus Group for education in Suffolk

Communications Matter

Grants Awareness, Suffolk Action

Diversity and Gender, Suffolk Police

Suffolk Hate and Mate Crime week

Adrian Figg

Director & Tutor

During his care career Adrian has worked for many organisations in a number of roles including being Registered with OFSTED and CQC. A number of his roles have had him setting up care homes, running teams of core support staff and supporting young adult’s transitions. Adrian’s qualifications include Protection of Vulnerable Adults, Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberties, Autism Awareness, NVQ’s in social care and management and holds a diploma in the fundamentals of business management. Alongside his own qualifications, Adrian has also developed and delivered training and bespoke educational courses for individuals with Autism and learning disabilities, person centred support, management and is a qualified tutor. Alongside Ria, Adrian is also currently studying for his TEFL Masters.


Adrian has worked in the care sector since 1995, before which he was working full time as a qualified chef. His change of career was motivated by the birth of his son, who has Autism and Learning Disabilities, which fundamentally changed his perspective on life. Adrian’s favourite quotes demonstrate his down to earth nature, this ensures that his students have the ability to further develop and understand choices that they make within their everyday lives. “Let’s use old school technology, a pen and paper is always good” “whoever has the pen, has the power!” Adrian’s caring outlook translates through to his work within Phoenix Rising, and can be shown by feedback from previous students who value the support that he has provided them with. Adrian ensures that within all of the Phoenix Rising courses, communications are accessible to all users. “Adrian is so kind and supportive, he always finds the time to support me” Adrian also ensures that students are able to speak about any issues they may have with him. This has guaranteed that students are able to feel comfortable, within all training that Phoenix Rising deliver. “Nothing is ever too small for Adrian to stop and listen to, I am able to go to him whenever I feel I am having difficulties”

Ria Towill

Director & Tutor

Ria has worked for a number of organisations since she joined the care sector, and has held numerous positions such as support worker, communication officer, team leader, felicitator and advocate for individuals in order to empower them to move to lifelong learning. Ria has achieved NVQ in social care and management; specialising in using communication, British Sign Language, Dual Sensory Loss, Autism Awareness, Mentoring and Equality, WRAP trained, and is a qualified tutor. Ria is qualified to deliver Art and Design, Silver and Bronze Art Award from Trinity College London as well as Safe Guarding. Alongside her work, Ria is presently studying to obtain her TEFL Masters. Ria has worked in the care sector since 2005, before which she ran a design business. Her change of career was destined after she suffered a major accident in 2002, and she was left with paraplegia. After a long convalescence period, great determination and courage she was able to walk and function normally again (But what is normal!).


Ria’s favourite quotes demonstrate her distinctive character and the understanding she has of her students, Ria ensure that they are not deterred by new challenges that they face during their day to day lives. “The world doesn’t stop spinning just because you try something new” “This is really good if you’d like to be average, but if you’d like to be the best version of yourself, more time and dedication is needed” “Self-learning about oneself is a journey that we’re all on.” Whilst under Ria’s support and scaffolding, many of her students have demonstrated the ability to make independent and informed choices, whilst understanding the consequences of their actions both positively and negatively. This is at the forefront of the courses that Phoenix Rising deliver, and can be displayed by the feedback that their students have provided. “With Ria’s support, I can now be more independent and make independent choices. Ria always makes me take ownership of all our decision making.” Whilst delivering Phoenix Rising courses, Ria also ensures that her students feel supported in other areas of their lives. This has guaranteed that the work that Phoenix Rising delivers is carried on within their everyday lives. “Ria is really positive around all of my achievements, both small and large milestones. The only downside about Ria is that she makes me work hard to achieve.”